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Build Your Business With Your Ideal Clients and Customers Through Facebook Marketing

Attention Spiritual Entrepreneurs:
If you are only going to advertise in one place, Facebook is where you want to be.
How would you like to:
  • Fill your business with your ideal clients/customers?
  • Watch your business grow by word of mouth and sharing?
  • See astronomical numbers of likes, comments an shares on your Facebook posts?
  • Enjoy the success that comes when lots of people tell each other about how great you are?

This is the power of Facebook Advertising.

But most people jump in without understanding the finer points, the tips and tricks that the gurus know and use every single day.

In this course, you will rise to the top of the internet marketers who know how to use Facebook Ads to target specifically and use your dollars wisely so that you profit from your ads.

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Section 1Module 1
Lecture 1Facebook Introduction
Lecture 2Advertising in Facebook
Lecture 3Facebook Advertising Vs Google Adwords
Lecture 4Types of Ads
Section 2Module 2
Lecture 5Creating a Facebook Page
Lecture 6Creating a Facebook Ad - Part 1
Lecture 7Creating a Facebook Ad - Part 2
Section 3Module 3
Lecture 8 Testing, Tweaking and Measuring Your Ad
Lecture 9Top Tips for Effective Facebook Ads
Lecture 10Summary
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