Private Remote Energy Healing Sessions (This is not a course. It is an individual session.)

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You Can Heal From Within.

It is the basis of your anatomy and physiology to heal from within.

And that is the aim of our work together.  We join together our intention, our knowledge, our wisdom, and our effort to bring you to a heightened state of balance and optimal functioning.

Acute Injuries

Speed up the time it takes to heal by activating the inner healing power within you.  Get your motion back faster and recover greater range of motion after an injury.  Did you know that sometimes we injure ourselves because that area needed attention?  Sometimes you can actually have greater functioning after an injury than you did before.  Adding YOFA energy work to your healing regimen further awakens the healing power within you.

Chronic Illnesses

Have you been told “you have to learn to live with it”?  Well, just imagine how much more healing might be available to you if you activate your inner channels of healing.  And imagine how many more ways you might find to adapt and make peace with your condition if your inner and outer energy fields come into harmony with each other.  Chronic conditions in the body can be the open door into spiritual awakening, the discovery of new talents, and the opening of many new love centered relationships.  It all depends on your relationship with yourself.  Adding Yofa Energy work to your healing regimen can make the all the difference in the world.  Physical, emotional, and spiritual balance has far reaching effects.

The Natural Body

The body has no name for dysfunctions or diseases.  Nature does not create these categories or entities.  The natural body knows flow, balance, and life.  As we join together to heighten this state of natural, optimal functioning, we turn our attention away form named diseases and diagnoses and open ourselves to the bright and abundant energy of joy that is at the core of well being.  We open ourselves to the universal healer of Love that is the core of our  substance.

This session uses a broad combination of healing techniques including Ho’oponopono, sacred geometry, color therapy, and may other valuable approaches.

And together, in a private, remote energy session, we gather the purest nectar of life that flows through you and channel it through your system from the highest and best for your life.

How it Works

To arrange for a private session, click the button that says “Start the Course” (this is not a course but a private session).

You have a choice of formats:

1) Telephone Session – Get on the phone with Rebbie and sit while she does the work.  Some of the call will be silent.

2) Recorded Session – Rebbie will do the session for you and make a recording of what she found, what she did, and what you can expect. You will receive this by email as an mp3

Special Reduced Fees
  • There is a special reduced fee for private sessions for members of the Journey 2U.  If you are a member, please contact Rebbie before buying a session.
  • There is also a reduced fee when you buy a package of at least 4 sessions. Contact Rebbie for more information. rebbie(at)

Medical Disclaimer

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